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Sunshine's Foundation

Today is the best time to be diagnosed with diabetes, or any type of illness. Diabetes run rampant in my family and at the time of this posting, three siblings have succumbed to the disease. It is important for one to understand how diet plays an important role in the management of diabetes. People who adhere to doctor's orders can obtain a functional daily life, while maintaining a healthy weight balance. My sister, Sunshine, was diagnosed with Type I diabetes in her late thirties, while battling weight fluctuations. Even though, she believed and lived a top shelf life, she was fearful of her life. Sunshine died at the young age of 43, due to her diabetic struggles and her ongoing life challenges of everyday living.

On the other hand,  My father, the phenomenal Mr. Riley 'BB' King, have been living with Type II diabetes for twenty-eight years. Through his devotion of the performing arts, traveling and the demand of personal appearances in over 200 cities and countries each year creates much despair and concerns. As a spokesperson, my father has been instrumental in bringing awareness throughout the diabetes community worldwide. The outreach sought to send the message that this life-style changing disease affects all walks of life and is one of the most common in school-aged children.

The Sunshine foundation's mission is to encourage people to be more resilient towards a healthier life. Thank you in advance for your generous donations. If you  have any questions regarding our organization or projects there of, please contact us at the address given.


1. To emphasize to adolescents living with Type I 'juvenile' and Type II diabetes that this disease does not have to be demoralizing, but It is a life-changing illness.

Sickle Cell

2. To help the adolescent to re-build his/her confidence through overcoming daily obstacles and realizing their dream goals. 


3. Early warnings  is the key to success in treating for most health complaints. This especially true for Alzheimer's/ Dementia disease, because studies have shown  that treatment early on when symptoms first appear may have a significant impact on quality of life.